Allowed HTML

You can use these HTML tags inside your comments:


Tag Description
<b> or <strong> Bold text or Strong Emphasis
<i> or <em> Italicised text or Emphasis
<u> Underlined text
<strike> Strikethrough text
<sub> Subscript
<sup> Superscript
<code> Preformatted
<p> Paragraph
<br> Line break



Tag Description
<a href="..." title="..."> Anchor (hyperlink)
<abbr title="..."> Define an abbreviation
<acronym title="..."> Define an acronym
<q cite="..."> Short quotation (inline quote)
<blockquote cite="..."> Block quotation (large text block)
<cite> Define a citation
<del datetime="..."> Text with deleted part
<ins datetime="..." cite="..."> Text with inserted part



Tag Description
<ul> Unordered list
<ol> Ordered list
<li> List item (bullet/number)
<dl> Definition list
<dt> Definition term
<dd> Definition description