The Mumbai Transit Adventure

The Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (CSIA) at Mumbai is the second most busiest airport in the country and once ranked (2010) among the 30 busiest airports in the world. The airport has seen immense development with the modernization project by GVK since 2006 which is expected to complete end of 2014. Many would have travelled… Continue reading The Mumbai Transit Adventure

Sachin Critique!

It ends the era of Sachin Tendulkar who bid farewell to International Cricket in an emotion packed speech on Nov 16th, 2013. Every celebrity has his/her share of fans and critics who follows him/her positively or negatively. The only consideration in Sachin’s case is that the fan/critic following deserves more mention, because of the extremely… Continue reading Sachin Critique!

iPhone 5s & 5c Specs Compared

The smartphone device market is abuzz again, as Apple unveiled yesterday the new iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c. In addition to their traditional upgrade of the device hardware and software, Apple has also added some unique features in their new version. Here’s an initial feature comparison of the new iOS device(s) versus its compelling… Continue reading iPhone 5s & 5c Specs Compared

Most Hated Indian President

Frankly, it gives me no pleasure to write this, as we celebrate India’s Independence Day. I maybe treading into a very controversial but yet an often talked about topic within Indian politics (read it better as “misuse of power”). However, I do not want to build up a clichéd debate over India’s much famed or… Continue reading Most Hated Indian President

Power of Investing – IT

Power of Investing

Talking about investing power, quite a few of us would have been involved in financial investments (i.e. deposits, mutual funds, shares, or other). We would have read about windfall gains made by investment gurus and conversely also heard/seen the major risks in equity investments. With information technology being my bread and butter, I thought, I… Continue reading Power of Investing – IT


Chicken Pox

Varicelled is a non-existent term in the English dictionary. But the word rings in our minds, the infectious viral disease that would have inevitably affected us at some point in our lives. For me, it all started with a fever and liberal body pain for the first two days. But when I looked at the… Continue reading Varicelled

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Your gadget: Apple or Android or what?

Mobile OS

Its been a cliched debate as well as a dilemma for many gadget enthusiasts and modern day technology geeks. Let’s evaluate what we have on plate now as a consumer for portable technology gadgets. Not so long back, we were overwhelmed with technology advancements to portable organizers, cameras, phones, music players, or the laptops and… Continue reading Your gadget: Apple or Android or what?